1984 - George Orwell (VO)

Top Stories 1984 - George Orwell (VO)

Jan 04, 2021 4:48 am
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This video is a free interpretation of an extract from the dystopian science-fiction novel « Nineteen Eighty-Four » by George Orwell, published on 1949.

In a totalitarian society ruled by domination, violence and based on ignorance, the main character, Winston, breaks Party’s rules. He is arrested and tortured by O’Brien, whose role is to re-educate those who have committed a crime against Big Brother.

Idée originale : Mathilde Ammar & Camille Grangier
Design & animation : Arthur Navet
Comédien VO : Stephane Cornicard
Sound design et mixage : Pierre-Olivier Albre