Genshin Impact: Ganyu's Best Character Builds Explained

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Jan 12, 2021 2:19 pm
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The latest update for Version 1.2 of Genshin Impact introduces Ganyu, the newest playable character to come to the open-world RPG. As a secretary for the Liyue Qixing, Ganyu is featured in the main story; however, players will need to use the Wish system in order to pull Ganyu and acquire the character for themselves. With the right character build of Artifacts and weapons, Ganyu's attacks inGenshin Impact can be even more powerful.

Ganyu follows Albedo as the newest Banner character in Genshin Impact. She is a Cryo user, which means her Elemental Attacks and Skills are ice-based. She also wields a bow, which means she's perfect for racking up damage from a distance. With her ranged Cryo and bow attacks, Ganyu should make a great addition to mostGenshin Impact teams.

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Ganyu's Luitian Archery can hit enemies up to six times in a row, while Trail of the Qilin and Celestial Shower cause AoE damage. Because of this, the best weapons and Artifacts should focus on increasing Ganyu's ATK DMG and Elemental stats. Upgrading Ganyu's Talents will also be important, so finding the correct upgrade itemsin Genshin Impactwill be a necessity. For those lucky enough to pull Ganyu through Wishes, there are definitely some bows and Artifacts inGenshin Impact that work better for her than others.

Best Artifacts & Weapons For Ganyu In Genshin Impact

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Since Ganyu is a Cryo user in Genshin Impact, some of the new Cryo Artifacts are perfect for her. The Blizzard Strayer set is great, because equipping two of these Artifacts will increase Ganyu's Cryo DMG by 15%. With four equipped, enemies affected by her Cryo attacks can take an extra 20% in CRIT DMG. If that enemy is Frozen, then the CRIT Rate jumps up by an extra 20%. Noblesse Oblige Artifacts are a bit easier to find now, though, and they work well too - since they increase Ganyu's Elemental Burst DMG by 20%.

The best bows in Genshin Impactfor Ganyu should work with Artifacts to keep her damage output to a maximum. The Skyward Harp is great, since it increase CRIT DMG by up to 40% and has a chance to inflict an AoE attack. Coupled with the AoE attacksGenshin Impact's Ganyu already has, this means dealing massive damage to multiple enemies, which is why the Skyward Harp is just about perfect. The Stringless is a bit more common and is one of the most flexible bows in the game, which is why it's often recommended for most archers in Genshin Impact. The Stringless increases Elemental Skills (Ganyu's AoE attacks, in this case) and boosts Elemental Burst DMG by up to 48%.

These weapons and Artifacts work to ensure Ganyu's AoE damage output is at an all-time high. With the right character build, Ganyu can be one of the best Cryo and ranged attackers in Genshin Impact, especially when it comes to defeating multiple enemies at the same time.

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