Jean Garcia’s mother passes away after contracting COVID-19

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Apr 03, 2021 3:00 pm
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Jean Garcias mother passes away after contracting COVID-19

Jean Garcias mother Sandra Garcia died after she contracted the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). She was 70.

In an Instagram post on Friday, Jean expressed her grief and posted a heart-breaking video compilation of her moments with her mom.

The past days had been rough. Ive been tirelessly uttering my prayer petition that your healing would be the best gift that God would ever grant our family, she wrote.

Even bargained and promised to give more time and do my best to take care of you, in exchange for the healing and miracle I am asking and hoping for. But, yes, God has other plans for us. Exactly on your 7th day at the hospital, I lost an amazing mom whom I love so dearly.

Jean said she didnt think her mom Sandra would pass away so soon. Despite the pain, she said she remained grateful that she had her mom.

Mommy, know that you are missed. Your absence is felt every day. A part of me is still lost and I am wondering if I will ever get it back. Maybe that piece is in heaven with you and someday you can put it back in me, so I will be whole again, she said.

It will never get easier losing you while there are so many things reminding me of you and your love, but in your honour I will live a life that would have made you proud of me if you were still here, she added.

You may not be physically here anymore, but your love and light will live on forever. Your memory will forever give me strength. So fly high now my dearest Mommy and do not ever forget that I will carry you here in my heart wherever I go ... forever. I love you Mommy ... until we meet again, Chic-chic.

Jeans daughter Jennica Garcia also shared her tribute to her grandmother in a tear-jerking Instagram post.

I know you tried your best to beat COVID and I want to say that I am happy still because you are now next to Christ but Lola it's so hard ... I am in disbelief that I lost you to COVID ... You are only 70 years old, she said.

Jennica recalled how her lola told her stories about faeries and elves and retold the same tales to her granddaughters children.

You tell the best stories Lola. You had a one of a kind childhood and you are the person that I know to be most in touch with your intuition. I love you so much Lola. Please watch over me and my children from heaven. Please remember that we always need you. We will see you in heaven one day Lola, said the actress.

There is eternity in Christ. When that day comes, my girls and I will once again sit on the floor while you sit on a chair. We will look up to you as you share magical stories that will transport us into an entirely different world. You have my heart Lola. You have my heart. Kaela Malig/RC, GMA News