Julia Barretto opens up, reveals she was ‘traumatized’ from past relationship with dad Dennis Padilla

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May 02, 2021 7:16 pm
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Julia Barretto opens up, reveals she was traumatized from past relationship with dad Dennis Padilla

Julia Barretto's father Dennis Padilla appeared in her latest vlog post, where the daughter interviewed her dad about his career and his life as a dad.

According to Julia, it was the first time for her to ask her dad all these questions and as such, talking about their past was inevitable.

As Julia revealed being scarred from her relationship with him, Dennis shared that one of the things that really hurt him from his split with Marjorie Barretto was when they tried to remove his surname Baldivia.

You went to court that you want to take my family name off. That was a dagger, he said. Its not the [name] itself, thats my blood.

You are already a well-known Barretto. Why take my surname off? He added in Filipino. I didnt understand because youre really a Baldivia. Youre my daughter.

He added that what really frustrated him was the fact that no one in Marjorie's side replied to him, when he tried to reach out.

According to Julia, everybody was coming from a painful place back then and explained why she chose to ignore his text messages.

You always feel like Im not hearing from anyone, not knowing how much pain and hurt youve caused us before, she said.

Thats why you couldnt hear from us because at that point, we were already too scared of you, she added.

The actress also said that she wished Dennis would recognize or acknowledge the fact that [he] may have done something to scare [his] kids off.

Before, when we would speak on the phone, you wouldnt have the best tone and the best choice of words and that scarred, traumatized and scared me, she said.

Although she was very much heartbroken from what happened, Julia cleared that she fought hard to keep their relationship going.

I didnt ever give up, she said. If I had given up, we wouldnt be talking right now. I kept trying and that was painful for me.

I was fighting so hard for our relationship despite all the words thrown at me by my own dad, she added.

While Julia understood where Dennis was coming from, she said for him to also check on himself to see what caused her to act that way.

You have to look at why we arent talking to you. Why were we so scared to talk to you? You have to understand there were so much pain [and] fear, she said.

With years already passed, Julia said that all is well and forgiven. According to her, she is very happy with what they have now.

Im so glad that you have a good relationship with me and all of your kids now. Im so proud of you because I saw the change, of heart she said.

Dennis, meanwhile, said that he is hoping for more chances to make his relationship better with his children after recovering from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Im building my faith again. I need to be restored. Binigyan ako ng chance mabuhay, makabawi sa Kanya, sa inyong lahat ng mga anak ko, Dennis said.

The video has nearly 500K and is on the 6th trending spot of YouTube.

Dennis and Marjorie officially separated in 2007 and according to Dennis, he is the one to be blamed.

Dennis is currently with his Filipino-Australian partner Linda Gorton. They have two kids together, Gavin and Maddie. Franchesca Viernes/LA, GMA News